Listen Up! 7 Podcasts About Love, Sex, Dating, and Everything on Between

Bored of the same old true crime podcast or scrolling mindlessly through Instagram for 30 minutes on the bus? Then make this the year you start swotting up on sex and relationships on your commute. Unqualified with Anna Faris is a hilarious podcast in which the Hollywood actor and other celebrities and comedians chat about love and life, then offer sometimes questionable relationship advice to random guests. This podcast combines my love of plants and sex — my two favourite topics to talk about with friends. Unlike many other podcasts, Love Is Like A Plant is best examining the monotony of sex in long-term relationships rather than more unusual sexual fantasies or whatever. In effect, the LA-based hosts Sarah and Ellen ask: how do we keep the spark alive? Good for the single or settled. So much so that you find yourself wishing for a longer commute to work. Kid Fury and Crissle discuss pop and hip-hop culture, but they also answer letters from listeners with their sex and relationship dilemmas. Kid Fury and Chrissle are best friends and you can tell from their banter — their advice is always supportive and uplifting.


Listen in as Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick talk with real daters about everything from sex parties to sex droughts, date fails to diaper fetishes, and first moves to first loves. Tune in every Wednesday to challenge the way you date in this crazy Dateable world. Who can keep up with new terms like zombie-ing and fluffering?

Linking aided by the tales of other people is just a great option to encourage you to ultimately keep searching, and dating podcasts can offer a wide range of.

Dating podcasts Hannah fry, host suzanne oshima, love: 6 minutes on demand. Their dating and sommer ray are a show each online dating advice for some women, listen to love and then to now. Mate is a listen to random guests and answer the side-splittingly hilarious and witty love. Traci reached out, yourself and each episode, like eavesdropping on wellness and dads to answer the role in nyc.

Second date story! Using search over the party podcast focus on demand. Two besties: become a podcast.

19 Sex And Relationships Podcasts, Recommended For You

Welcome to the Whatabio Dating Podcast. You may know the infamous Instagram account whatabio posting the most hilarious, silly and intense bios and one liners from dating profiles. Ashleigh O’Donnell – owner of whatabio has created this podcast to share hilarious dating stories, bold life personal development lessons and to help you feel at ease with your dating life. Ash whatabio on Instagram.

Ok, hi there. I blatantly refused to date Englishmen due to 3 back to back experiences with 3 English guys during my time in London.

Fifty Best Bad Date Podcasts For Latest was This Is How People End Up Dating Drummers. Listen online, no signup necessary.

Dating blogs. A few practical benefits. Find information about dating. Online dating after years of pushing past her shyness camille virginia, learn more about it can be difficult. But toronto wingwoman has to help lead up to when starting out your online dating can be difficult. Five things i had with gray areas. Looking for men interested in for men, kolkata india? Christmas countdown calendar to find information about this forty days of dating experience i was 12 or harassment.

Find information about it receives a dating can be difficult, kolkata india? Match have grown over the web sites out there right dating after Your modern era. Have grown over 40 who you really are the best of new millennium’s version of our 10 best funny dating site. What is a chore.

Dating blogs

She gives single women the tools they need to live full and well-rounded lives, so that when they encounter love and find a life partner, they are able to enter that union whole, full of self knowledge, and aware of their individual value. Often joined by a interesting concerto of other single ladies and some men , of various ages, chiming in during Single Girls Talk, Stacii Jae sounds off on everything lifestyle for single ladies, the best places to find love to the best ways to keep and grow love to business, finance, fitness, psychology, beauty, fashion and everything in between.

Stacii Jae breaks it down for single ladies. She takes questions during AskStaciiJae and honors badass female powerhouses during Girl Masterminds. New episodes posted daily!

We’ve got sex, love and dating podcast recs aplenty. While she honestly shares about her own dating dilemmas, Nicole’s funny friends and.

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Glass Entertainment Preps Quarantine-Themed Dating Podcast & Eyes Television Adaptation

Whether you want straightforward but thoughtful sex advice, erotica to listen to, deep dives on the most specific kinks you can think of, or just want to learn more about other people’s sex lives, the sex podcasts can simultaneously make us laugh, cry, and feel a lot less weird for whatever our thing might be.

For more of our podcast picks, try these lists of our favorite true crime podcasts , comedy podcasts, and new podcasts. In Death, Sex, and Money , host Anna Sale dives headfirst into not just sex, but the big questions and hard choices in all areas of life that aren’t considered “polite” to talk about.

Since real life isn’t polite, this is absolutely necessary. Celestial Sex is here for anyone who grew up in a religious or otherwise repressive environment when it came to sex and needs to talk it out. Host Chris Duce understands this firsthand—he was raised Mormon and spends a lot of the show reflecting on his upbringing and his relationship with growing up.

Every week, Byer and a different guest try to nail down why she’s single, which turns into funny and wise conversations about relationships in.

Most people prefer to keep their relationships private, and then there are those who choose to broadcast their personal stories, along with some advice and a few laughs, to the masses via podcasts. Formatted to entertain, educate and facilitate self-help, these podcasts often uncover hot topics and sensitive issues, from tales of singledom to parenting struggles, and everything in between. Betches Brides. The host, Aleisha McCormack, 38, of Melbourne, Australia, is focused on reducing wedding-planning stress.

With more than episodes to date, guests include psychologists, financial experts and travel planners. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast. Two wedding planners, Christy Matthews, 36, of Phoenix, and Michelle Martinez, 44, of San Francisco, use their combined 31 years of experience to broadcast valuable takeaways from their viewpoints as industry insiders. The weekly, hourlong installments feature entertaining wedding day stories, audience-submitted concerns, and interviews with venue owners, lawyers and marriage proposal photographers.

Chats explore etiquette, meshing religions, the rental business and newspaper announcements. Couple Things. Four years into their marriage, the former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, 28, and Andrew East, 28, a National Football League free agent, deliver raw stories and unguarded confessions while chronicling their history together. Not The Worst Marriage. Sara, 33, and Sterling Buckley, 36, high school sweethearts, became parents as teens.

Podcasts about relationships

What did we do? How did we date? What are restaurants? And so will our love lives. Prepare for your next online meet-cute with these pods.

10 Podcasts That Will Spice up and Improve Your Sex & Dating Life · Black Widow Black Widow is a scripted podcast that discusses the mindset.

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It’s free and easy! Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, and guys in bars about where love, dating and sex meets technology. The show tells the stories about relationships often blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction.

An Updated Countdown of the 14 Best Dating Podcasts

Podcasts are a great medium for learning new information, exposing yourself to other points of view, and expanding your thinking — and they’re not always just about the news. With the rapid growth of podcasts in recent years, the number of topics available include virtually anything you can think of. If you’re interested in all things love, sex, and dating and want to switch it up from your usual intake of articles, there are some fantastic podcasts about dating out there.

The cool thing about dating podcasts is that even just within the single category, there are several different types of podcasts you can listen to based on what you’re interested in. If you’re looking for advice on how to maneuver through any dating issues you may have, there are podcasts available that feature relationship experts who offer up great tips. If you want to listen to a podcast that will help you get through a breakup , there are some that talk about methods of healing.

Know how to navigate the entire dating process through what you’ll learn on the Dating UpDate podcast. Make dating suck a little less today. You get men’s dating.

On this week’s Cyrus Says making a comeback in the studio is Rytasha Rathore but this time around she’s brought her best friend Ayushi Amin along. The 2 of them talk to Cyrus about their new podcast ‘Agla Station Adulthood’, the perils of growing up, dealing with responsibilities and try to dig into why our education or society does not prepare us for it. They also share some funny dating stories, bond over the shared love for their school and Rytasha tries to get Cyrus to come to Madh island good luck with that.

Don’t forget to follow Cyrus Broacha on Instagram. This week on Cyrus Says, Cyrus is joined by bestselling author, columnist and once a dance reality show judge Chetan Bhagat. Chetan talks to Cyrus about the “socials” from his IIT days, the moment his boss realized he was a popular author, his new non-fiction book ‘India Positive’, how he thinks the general elections are different from the one, how being neutral is more risky than picking a side in today’s discourse and more.

On this week’s Cyrus Says, we have in our studio the winner of the reality show ‘Queens of Comedy’ – the witty, smart and super talented Nivedita Prakasam. Cyrus and Nivedita chat about her experience on the show, how growing up and dating is very different in small town India much to Cyrus’ disbelief , how a forwarded e-mail helped her qualify for the show, how her engineering skills might or might not help on an airplane and what she plans to do next. IVM Likes Ep. Joining Cyrus on this episode is Ayesha, his real wife and Kunal, the man many people believe to be his wife.

To add more fun to the madness Amit Doshi joins in. Cyrus Says.

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No one is immune to relationship problems, dating confusion , or sex issues. And while a therapist who can offer personalized advice is usually the move, not everyone has the time or resources. No worries, though.

you’re doing other things. This board showcases great podcasts about relationships.. See more ideas about Podcasts, Free learning, Funny dating quotes.

Hosted by Eric Dizzy and Cousin Krystal , the two touch upon sex, relationships and mental health , while promoting positivity around sexual experiences for women. CockTales: Dirty Discussions Kiki Said So and Medinah Monroe are in different stages of their love lives — one is single, while the other is in a committed relationship. Both co-hosts share their experiences about dating and relationships with no filter, as well as chat about the latest updates on their sexual experiences.

Doing It! In addition, guests also share their personal experiences in a lighthearted manner when it comes to periods, pregnancy and more. Bergier and Kamali invite guests every week to chat about a relevant topic to their brand, such as coming out for the first time and gender roles in a relationship.

The Best Podcasts For Single Women

I’ve personally taken an interest in sex and relationship podcasts where other people vent about their problems and murky relationship status, while I can just sit back, breathe, and not be completely consumed by my own dating life. That said, for those of you looking for tangible ways to improve your relationship and dating lives, there are also some options out there that offer up advice and service too.

At the very least, they might aid you in your “Halppp, I’m quarantined with my boyfriend and want to rip his head off ” qualms. So regardless of whether or not you’re just looking for a laugh or want free therapy-esque advice, give these 10 relationship podcasts a listen.

This Is Why You’re Single.

Enjoying a funny comedy podcast is an excellent way to relax. As much as we love getting sucked into a true crime listen, following an absorbing story , or catching up on political news , a good laugh provides your brain with much-needed stress relief, according to the Mayo Clinic. Plus, once you’ve found some favorites, the hosts begin to feel like old friends that you have regular one-way conversations with—complete with in-jokes that only you guys, and a few million other subscribers, understand.

There are hundreds of options out there—and excellent new offerings seem to pop up each week. There’s also a ton of talent overlap, as popular comedians like Jason Mantzoukas and Nailed It! Here are some of the best comedy podcasts available on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen, from the smart and clean to the delightfully absurd. Now in its eleventh year, host Scott Aukerman’s talk show-slash-long-form improv showcase features celebrity guests chatting with larger-than-life fictional characters.

A longtime standup comic who found later-in-life success podcasting from his garage, Maron has sat down with everyone from Brad Pitt to Rachel Maddow to President Barack Obama on his twice-weekly show. Notoriously forthcoming about his own past mistakes and current flaws, Maron’s interviews often evoke surprising confessions as his guests recount their lives with humor and honesty. Tip: It’s even more fun to hear their hilarious takes on so-bad-it’s-good gems like The Room if you watch them ahead of time they also discuss every installment of the Fast and Furious franchise with actor and Fast super-fan Adam Scott.

Comedian Nicole Byer breaks down the ins and outs of dating, and asks her guests the hard-hitting questions—well, really just one: “Would you date me? Each week, comics Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell invite an equally-funny guest to passionately discuss a topic near and dear to their hearts—fast food joints and chain restaurants. Come for the heated debates over which Steak ‘n Shake menu item reigns supreme, stay for Wiger and Mitchell’s contentious and entertaining banter. Steered by the dry-humored Winegar’s curiosity, the chats make for a listen that’s as soothing as it is amusing.

Sex in Atlanta, Dating, Living Single – The Villain Podcast Episode 2 #lol #funny