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If you are intrested you can find my other lists here. Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. Teaching at the same school as Killian Jones was both infuriating and distracting, but when he throws Emma under the bus for the last time, she devises a plan to get back at him. After all, nobody likes to go to a wedding alone. Will there be a Christmas miracle or will their scheme push them farther apart? Emma Swan needs to be married by 30 in order to receive the money from her trust fund and save her failing business. Killian Jones is the thief who just tried to rob her store. This was just about the dumbest idea she had ever heard.

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Dating Regina Mills would include. Jealous Regina Mills would include. Dating Emma Swan would include. Turtle Mission Emma x Daughter! Reader Warning: Mention of Social Anxiety.

What the Instagram of the Emma Swan and Killian Jones daughter who is dating Peter Pan would include. Y/n Swan-Jones lives in Storybrooke.

The main character of the series, this unique, beautiful, strong original fairy tale creation is their greatest hero, and along with Killian Jones, their greatest character. But even beyond the series, Emma Swan will forever be one of the most remarkable characters of all time, from her profound and moving journey and development, to the impeccable performance by Jennifer Morrison, the resulting gratitude, joy and inspiration is indeed boundless.

She represents that ideal balance while still remaining ever realistic. And from the brilliantly profound performance and choices of Morrison, to the storytelling and writing, and even the costumes and iconic imagery of her character, Emma Swan truly is remarkable. Her development is so moving and extraordinary. Emma went from orphan, to bail bonds person, to mother, Sheriff, friend, lover, Savior, hero, wife and mother again.

And yet goodness remained, and hope still resided deep within the cracks of her heart, brought to the surface with her heart healing with the love she found with her parents, her son Henry, her friends, her eventual husband Killian, and her own sense of self worth. The world can be cruel but you need not become such. And what is so beautiful and special about Emma is that duality of bringing back the happy endings for others and in the end finding her own.

With her iconic red leather jacket and bright yellow VW Bug she represents color being brought back into the cold, grey world. Her true love brings her son back to life and awakens Storybrooke from its sleep, and her heroics and indeed very being inspires Killian out of the darkness, reawakening both of their hearts from their long, long sleep.

Top Ten Captain Swan Moments We Love Revisiting

If you are intrested you can find my other lists here. Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. Teaching at the same school as Killian Jones was both infuriating and distracting, but when he throws Emma under the bus for the last time, she devises a plan to get back at him. After all, nobody likes to go to a wedding alone.

Later, Emma would regret abandoning Lily nd wished to be friends with her again​. During Elsa’s time in Storybrooke, she and Emma grew very close together of out on her date with Hook, cause it is not worth the trouble for someone to put.

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Seriously Hooked — Caprain Swan Police AU Recs

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Once Upon a Time season 7, episode 2 ‘A Pirate’s Life’, so go catch up now and come back late if you don’t want to spoil it. Friday’s episode October 13 of Once Upon A Time revealed the Hook we know and love is gone and enjoying his happily ever after with Emma Jennifer Morrison , meaning the Hyperion Heights Hook we were introduced to last week is a different version of the character. Yes, it’s a little confusing, but the good news is fans do get to hold on to those season six happy endings as promised.

Once Upon a Time ‘s second episode of the soft reboot revealed that the version of Colin O’Donoghue’s character we were introduced to last week is actually the drunken Wish Realm version of Hook we first met last season.

Browse through and read or take emma swan stories, quizzes, and other I tried to include as many characters as possible, to really bring out your true Cordelia Jones was the Captain’s daughter and lost all hope that her father would ever.

A Ripple in time. Emma and present-day Regina must work together to figure out why the curious young teen is there and how to send her back before the past is irreparably changed, thus altering their entire lives in the present. Regina Rated T, subject to change. Summary: A Swanqueen Story. Emma is an emancipated teen new to Storybrooke. Shes moved on and is taking care of their 7 year old daughter Vada. A Soulless Demeanor. Little does Emma know that one spark could set ablaze everything, but how could she know when her world has been shrouded by lies?

The Dark Palace has called to her and she must go. Will the Evil Queen make her stay?

Emma Swan’s relationships

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Emma Swan is an enemy of love who just happens to be an up and coming this story will include Captain Swan, Snowing, Red Hunter and others TBD.

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That’s When the Fun Begins: The Best of Captain Swan

Originally posted by swanscaptn. You smirked a little and paused your game, turning around to face the blonde beauty, sitting up on your knees you looked into the forest green eyes. Emma smiled slightly and locked you lips together.

And yet, Captain Swan is one of those couples that has never truly left, You can always choose to put aside your vendetta and try something.

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Morning snuggles. Killian teasing the two of you. Emma brushing her hand across your shoulder as she walks by. Her picking up on your little habits and going all detective on you. Her being overprotective about little things. Telling her to take a day off. Having an awkward conversation with David about Emma. Letting out a breath in relief when you finally get a moment alone with her. Originally posted by montanarosalie.

Female X Fem!Reader Fandom Oneshots — Dating Emma Swan Would Include…

After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision. Rated M for eventual smut.

dating ring nyc powers dating emma swan would include as Shazam for money and fame. United States and 43 other countries, toxicology.

Is there anything more magical than a wedding? Killian and Emma have proven their True Love many times—sacrificing for each other, choosing each other, fighting for each other, supporting each other, and making each other happy when they thought happiness might not be in the cards for them anymore. The way the scene shifted from playful and flirtatious to suddenly sincere stopped me in my tracks, and it made me realize that what Emma Swan truly deserved in a partner was exactly what Killian Jones was offering her in that moment and would continue to offer her from them on : someone who would love her for everything she is and would patiently wait for her to let him see the true Emma behind her armor.

The first kiss 3. The excitement I shared with my fellow fans that week makes this a very special moment for me, but even without those memories, the kiss itself was a game-changer for Emma and Killian. I loved that this scene—like every major moment between them—was all about Emma taking charge.

Once Upon A Captain Swan: An Emma and Hook Story